Saturday, September 1, 2007

our the middle of our complex

So we've officially been married for TWO weeks as of today, and it's great! After hanging out in St. George with Brent and Vanessa for a week, we have come back to Provo to get ready for school. St. George was awesome! We were pretty lazy most of the time (soaking it all up before school) but we did manage to drive to Zion one afternoon. Luckily, Dad and Kristen dropped a lot of our stuff off here at our apartment. We've gotten a lot done since we've been here 1) bought a matress, 2) did some returning, 3) bought a kitchen table/workspace...pretty good! I started training for work on Friday and Saturday which went pretty well. The first trainer was an intense, computer-nazi and tried to scare us off for two hours. The second trainer was super nice and laid back and really knew what he was doing. The second time was a lot more enjoyable- let me tell you. It's been really fun puttin our apartment together..Drew put the table and chairs together today so we can stain them on Monday. I'm looking forward to that...I like to paint! Mattress shopping was probably my favorite so far. I have always wanted to go mattress shopping so I decided I had to get a picture. Picking up our mattress was an adventure, I would say. It costs $50 to have it delivered two blocks, so we decided we would figure out a way to get it back. No problem, right? Well, apparently we don't know anyone with a truck, so we decided we would get a few people and carry the mattress and boxspring two blocks to our house. That would have been pretty great, but Drew figured that we could put one at a time on top of the car and tie it with none other than his computer wires/cords! It was a pretty great idea. I was in charge of guarding the mattress while Jackson and Drew took the boxspring to the apartment and then came back for the mattress. Good news of the day: Our ward doesn't start until eleven! It's perfect! Unpacking is coming along and everything is great!!

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momocherry said...

well well you two are about the funniest couple in the world and I mean in the world! Well I love the pic of the mattress on the top of the honda. That will be an experience worth telling everyone and making fun of the two of you every time I talk to you lots of love lol

Tanya said...

RC Willey Outlet is the best! Almost as baller as Sara.