Monday, August 4, 2008

found it..

I found someone who sold lemon verbena, and the best part is that it was already partially grown! I think it has a much better chance of succeeding in life now..I am pretty sure it may never have made it had I tried to grow it from a wee little seed. The lady was so nice that she gave me two lemon verbena plants (those are the ones on the outside) and some other leafy green plant (in the middle). And just to top it off, she also gave me some dried oregano that had been grown in her garden. She was so nice. The plants are still alive and looking good in my windowsill. The lemon verbena smells so good. I am planning to make some ice cream with it later this week...more to come on that later!

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Mrs. Jacob Moore said...

Here's to your success! (cheers)

I recommend a weekly recipe post. Eh? Give you a really good reason to write and give me something to look forward to cooking since I'm not at all creative.

I had the yummiest soup at a Thai place recently made with gang garee (yellow curry paste) and I wish to death that I could get my hands on that recipe. It has potatoes and onions and lots of yum yum!