Thursday, October 30, 2008

{corn maze}

Tonight was my first corn maze experience ever. We went to the corn maze over in Washington Fields at La-la-something farm. This is my cheesy smile, as Drew likes to call it. Since the inn was vacant for the night, Drew, me, Vanessa, and Brent decided it was our only chance to all go to the maze together. We got there and rode in some tractor thing to the main entrance. Then, we split up into couples, got lost, and basically tried to scare each other the rest of the night. Of course, Drew would tell you we were never lost. Drew said he could have drawn out the map the first 30 minutes in (I am pretty sure it looked exactly the same everywhere. If it weren't for the bright lights at the entrance and exit, I would have never figured my way out). About an hour or so later, we finally caught up with each other and took the tractor ride back to the car. It was a fun night...that's it!
This is Brent and Vanessa at the entrance of the maze.
This is me and Vanessa and our cheesy smiles.

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