Monday, February 16, 2009


image via {themercury}
Drew and I went to Coraline this weekend. Tim Burton never ceases to amaze me. Can you believe that all this is done with real hands? Incredible! If you haven't seen Coraline yet, go now! It was so beautiful with a good dose of creepiness added to the mix. Stop-motion animation absolutely baffles me. I can't take my eyes away for a second! Not only was the movie fantastic, but the movie's website is the most creative that I have seen for a film in a long time. Check it out here. Tim Burton must have some seriously incredible dreams. The shot above is one of my favorite settings form the movie. It probably comes in at a close second to the garden. Now I am very curious about the book. Has anyone read it? Will I love it?

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becca b said... is the website for the wedding dress--it's a sweet website, and it makes me want to wear all the dresses. I made the spaghetti from your earlier post, and it turned out horrible, but definitely because of me and not the recipe--I just can't do stuff with solid meat: meatballs, meatloaf--disaster. The sauce was really good though.
I was wondering how you got your comment deal to say "love notes," cause having it be different than just "comment" is so cool.
Did you end up seeing Coraline? It looked pretty sweet.