Monday, April 20, 2009

{reasons i know i am getting older}

To be completely honest, I really haven't felt much older since I turned 17. I mean, I feel smarter and less immature (let's hope so), but I sometimes still find myself feeling like I could be that young. There are a few indications, however, that I and my life have definitely changed a lot from when I turned 17...let me tell you a few...

1. I make fun of all the new teenager fashions (Those hippie headbandanas with flowers the size of baseballs on the side...what is that? Can someone please tell me?!)
2. After walking into a certain teenager store for the first time in a million years, I am realizing that every piece of clothing looks like it was made for a 6 year old. Was my generation that small? I don't think so...
3. I can't wear jeans with zippers lasting less than 1 inch.
4. I have to laugh at the groups of teenage girls who wear enormous amounts of perfume and makeup to the movie theater (Hate to break it to you girlies, but Zac Efron just isn't going to come out of the movie screen).
5. I have no problem leaving the house without makeup on (Although when I do wear it, it sure does boost my self esteem).
6. The world isn't just about me anymore...every decision I make has consequences for me, D, and our posterity.
7. I watch the news. Politics do and will affect me and my children's future (Unfortunately...).
8. Adults are just like teenagers. Especially women. When do people really grow up?
9. W-2s, 1040s, 4852, filing jointly. I would have thought those were secret codes or passwords...and yet...they still kind of are, aren't they?
10. Speaking up is mandatory...shyness is not an one is going hold your hand are responsible for you (Good thing I at least have Drew so we can look out for each other).
11. A lot of the Hollywood "heart throbs" are now younger than me.
12. Oh, ya, and I am married to my love. That is very different.

I guess I am older :) (and maybe wiser too?)

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