Monday, June 15, 2009

{week of Kristen}

I had the opportunity to go down to California for six days or so to see Kristen's graduation. Sadly, D couldn't come because he was in summer school. It was really fun. Here's a few pictures from the trip.
Mom got some box seat tickets for the Dodgers vs Padres game. Probably the most exciting sporting event I have watched. Being able to see things without looking at the big screen really made a difference. I actually knew what was going on the whole time :)
Kristen in all her glory before graduation wearing the $16 chocolate lei mom had me assemble for her.
Kristen looking good in her red gown and diploma in hand. Holla!
Me and Kristen saying good-bye before I headed off to the airport. How come I didn't get any of the photogenic genes?
A good-bye picture with Dad. Unfortunately, mom was doing all the picture taking so I didn't get one with her. I will have to make sure I do next time.
The trip was awesome, but I have to say that I really missed my D. It is good to be home.

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~L~ said...

How fun. Do you miss California? What are Kristen's plans now that she's graduate? AND I think you look beautiful in all your pictures. Me and Ash got a National Park Season pass so you and the hubby will have to come to Zion with us next time we head down that way. Miss ya!

becca b said...

How fun! Glad you could go because stuff like that is so fun! P.S. I saw a picture of you in a red dress with lots of makeup on and a white sash and I was just wondering what that was all about...

sarah calder said...

Lisa- We would love to go to Zion with you guys. That would be fantastic. Unfortunately, we work all day on Saturdays now, but we could go on a Friday...let us know :)

Becca- Where on earth did you see that picture? I am slightly embarrassed :) I may or may not have participated in a little pageant my senior year to try to get some scholarship money...maybe not though :)

Mrs. JM said...

looks like a lovely week. i too think you smashing in photos. happy graduate to kristin ... !

whitneydenelle said...

Hi Sarah and Drew! I found you guys through the joys of blog stalking, quite embarrassing. But it was fun looking through here, you guys look great and like you're having tons of fun! It's so good to see people from home, I'll have to add you so we can keep contact!
Whitney Romero Lindstrom

whitneydenelle said...

hey, I am not quite exactly sure where the print came from, it's one of those things I clipped and saved without remembering which decorating site it was from. i'm sure ill come across it again, so when I do, I'll let you know.
PS. Kristen graduated? Wow! And my little bro is 21! Time flies!