Tuesday, August 25, 2009

{so alive}

Yes, we are so alive. Alive as ever, but busy, hence the lack of posts for the last month or so. Here's a quick summary of my summer: 4-5 hours of chemistry 5 days a week and 2 trips to CA for weddings leaves little time left in the day when you factor in the necessaries like work, sleep, and eating. Though, I am proud to say I got the 2nd highest score in my class (beat out only by a genius 16 year old...I never had a chance to begin with :) This is a picture of D and I at the temple (don't worry, it's just my slip sticking out, naturally. I figured it could just be like layering a tank under a top so I wasn't about to stress over it). We probably should have taken it in front of the temple (would have been a prettier backdrop), but I think we were just distracted by all the wedding excitement. Now we have already started school again and this semester is looking to be the busiest yet, probably filled with lots of crying and sleeplessness by me, but it's all going to worth it. D is so smart and excited for all his classes (He has been talking in computer language all day, so I know that's a great sign). Love that. I am the most excited for the research I will be working on this semester. Our project was officially approved today! I was so stoked. Now we just have to get it into action and hope to be approved for funding in the nest few weeks...I have been told the hardest part is over. In other exciting news, I think I will be working with a partner on a nutrition blog for SUU as a project for one of my nutrition classes. Once that gets started I will post about it so you guys can see it and give me some feedback. I am pretty excited. I am excited for the million projects I'll have going on this semester...just praying for the time and patience to get to them all.
Probably the best news of all was that D and I also celebrated our 2nd anniversary this last week. I just think he's the greatest.
You make my dreams come true. I love you, D.

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