Friday, September 25, 2009

{swiss days}

We have learned a lot about St. George since moving here. Apparently, Santa Clara in particular has a rich Swiss history, and thus celebrates Santa Clara Swiss Days every September. I'm sad we didn't know last year! It was pretty exciting, and in fact, about 20 times better than the Washington County Fair. We had to park "far" away, and walk up and over to City Hall where the festivities began. Along the way, there are all kinds of these little wooden cows painted by high school teams or old Swiss families. We heard later that the Swiss would have some kind of celebration or something crazy when all the cows came home, hence the cows all over Santa Clara (I decided it was good homage to Swiss cheese, and chocolate, and other milk-y Swiss items that must surely exist). Basically, there were a ton of craft, jewelery, and food vendors along with games and "rides" for the kiddos. There was some good people watching, that's for sure. They even had these kids singing Swiss songs, though we couldn't understand a word they said. Inside the City Hall, was a set up of quilts and Swiss genealogical histories that finally explained to us where Tobler's Bakery, Frei's Fruit Market, and Staehli farms came from. It is pretty cool now to know how long those families have been here. There were all kinds of cool pictures. We ran into Steve and Samira part way through, right before calling to invite each other. We ended with some chili cheese fries that somewhat satisfied our craving since you can't get them anywhere else in St. George (except Carl's Jr. and they are disgusting).
So photogenic, I know :) His boots were my fave.

4 love notes:

Jess said...

sarah! 1. you & drew are so cute! 2. i miss you 3. Im really happy you got to experience swiss days- the sad thing is i totally used to be one of those "kids singing Swiss songs" you couldnt understand.

becca b said...

How fun! Swiss Days sound pretty cool. Also, if you got your sandals from The Gap we have the same shoes--they look exactly like the ones I have in my closet right this second. Hope to see you in a couple months!

~L~ said...

you should have parked at grandpas house and rode the bikes over.

sarah calder said...

Jess: O my life, I miss you too! Is that where you would perform your yodeling? I am totally jealous...there was no yodeling. Would you please come yodel for me?! But seriously, I haven't seen you in way too long :(

Becca: Haha, I got mine at Beach Bums in Whittier. I have seen a lot of shoes like them though. I liked the ruffles...[almost] everything is better with ruffles :) I think we just need to come up to Idaho already.

Lisa: You are right. We thought about it too, but when we drove by there were a bunch of cars there...I didn't know who was there for the weekend. We didn't have to park too far though.