Wednesday, April 14, 2010

{whatcha been up to}

Another one of those summary posts...

A few weeks ago was James' soccer game (I am particularly fond of this picture) and the big birthday party for Miri and James. We had an awesome time flying kites (I don't remember it involving so much a lot more involved than I thought).

In the last week, I went to Ogden for school and back to good old St. George, then down to the Heights and back again. The second trip lasted a mere 26 hours to be exact. In about 4 days, I spent about 22 hours in the car...or basically 1 of the 4 days in the car. Looking forward to staying put for another week or so...

Other than the usual (i.e. work and school), D and I have become sewing/crafting fanatics- loosely speaking. I made a present for the mama for Mother's Day, a shoe bag for my week of trips, a little tote and headband for a friend, and lastly a mini tote for myself out of some plain muslin and cotton I have had laying around for the last year. This is the shoe bag and tote I made for myself. Since the fabric was so plain, I kind of got into the whole monogramming thing. I didn't even think to take pictures of the other two. Neither project was really complicated, but I feel like I learned a lot and got something useful from it too. I think my skills have seams are a lot straighter and cleaner. Now if I can just get my hands on some more colorful fabric (on the cheap or free), I would really like to try my skills on some other projects...
D, on the other hand, has had this itch to go paintballing for months and after finally finding a spot to go down here, has been eagerly prepping his equipment.
Instead of lugging around a million bags, he finally settled on a cheap bag at the store and took the customizing into his own hands. If you can't tell, he added a bunch of straps to the bag to more snuggly hold the paintball gun and other pieces. Then, he decided he wanted some kind of belt with which to hold his paintballs more efficiently on the field while he runs around like a crazy person. So that is the solution he came up with. D is pretty creative when it comes to designing stuff like this...I am always impressed.
You can imagine we have taken various trips to the fabric store as of late to pick the odd materials D needed. On our last little trip, the lady at the counter asked him,

"What is all this stuff for?"

To which he replied, " You would laugh if I told you."

She did. And so did I :)

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