Sunday, May 2, 2010


Well, this weekend was it. Finito. El fin. No mas! I have to say that while I am relieved to be done with the intense stress of homework and tests, I do feel a bit at a loss- like I am missing something. I really liked school (most of the time), and I feel a bit aimless now in my wandering. We'll see how long that lasts. I miss it already.
This is how I feel.
I was so lucky to have my family come and support me (the Halls, Calders, Hendrys). I love my family. They are undoubtedly the best ever. I feel especially grateful for my good parents and husband, without whom I could not have done anything.

Thanks to everyone for all your support for me. I am forever grateful.

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Mrs. JM said...

yeah! congratulations. you'll do great things. i know for sure.

p.s. i deleted one of your comments from my blog just in case my mom were to catch on. i'll email you for sure tomorrow!

salt lake city slickers said...