Monday, August 16, 2010

{pot pie}

It's been over a month, and there has been a lot and yet not so much going on. My toe nail is almost fully recovered. I can finally use that pedicure gift certificate that has been sitting on the counter for two months. So exciting!

Please excuse the fact that I look like I am on drugs in the picture below. We made the most amazing pot pie the other night, and D wanted to take some pictures. This is what resulted, though he ensures me that I do not look like a druggie. But whatever, I posted it anyway despite the potential for future blackmail all in the name of delicious pot pie. The pie looks dang good and tasted even better. I love pot pie, and this gives Marie a run for her money. We usually include some chicken, but we didn't have any stocked in the fridge nor was I in the mood...SO I used a mixture of parsnip, peas, and carrots (we didn't have any leeks/onions, green beans, or celery). I also used double the phyllo since we go gaga over the crispy topping. Phyllo kicks pie crust any day- or at least I think so (I have never liked pie crust much...I usually just eat the lovely pumpkin custard inside). Just beware that it does need major salt-age. Usually, we just sprinkle a bit on top. So good. So good, in fact, that I felt like I needed to blog...and that obviously has not been a priority for some time :)
Maybe I will get back to being better at posting...

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becca b said...

Yum, yum, yum! Looks divine!

~L~ said...

Hey, my toe nail is recovering too hahaha.