Friday, September 3, 2010

{dear pho}

image via {steamykitchen}*

Dear Pho,
I have been craving you all week.
Did you know I have the best husband ever?
Call from D at 12:57pm today (he just got out of his 1st class):

D: "Hey, have you eaten lunch yet?"

S: "No. Not yet." I figured I would wait until I picked him up from school. Eating together is much more fun than eating by oneself.

D: "Okay, let's go get pho after."

Thank you, dear husband. You are the very best. And for more than just taking me out for pho. Although this totally gives you major brownie point-age.

I can taste the pho already.

*PS. If you have never eaten pho, the meat is not that red. It is cooked all the way through. Don't be scared. I think it just made a prettier picture.

2 love notes:

Lauren said...

Can you believe I've never had pho??! I know NUTS, right! I've heard fantastic things about it :)

Happy weekend!!!


sarah calder said...

Laur: It is fantastic! I only just tried within the last year, but it is delicious. They make chicken and vegetarian, but I can't get over how yummy the beef broth heaven in a bowl :)