Saturday, October 2, 2010

{the great poppyseed catastrophe}

In planning our meals for the week, I decided I really wanted a strawberry and spinach salad (in hopes of recreating an old Zupas I wish they would come to St. George). So, I rounded up the necessary ingredients to prepare a dressing which I have been meaning to try for some time. I filled a mini dish with poppy seeds and put the dish in the cupboard so Thelonius wouldn't be able to get to it. A few minutes later, I opened the cupboard to put clean dishes away, when small dishes of poppy seed and cinnamon came raining down from above. I have a terrible habit of stacking due to the lack of space in our current living space. Covered in cinnamon and seeds (at least I smelled good), D comes over laughing and proceeds to help me clean them up and offers to retrieve some more poppy seeds. He brought back a mini dish of seeds and I proceeded to leave them on the counter, forgetting that a mischievous cat also happens to live here too. I made the candied almonds and went to bed, never remembering to put away the seeds. The following morning, much to my dismay (and almost surprise), I found poppy seeds everywhere. Again. Once again my fault.

Eventually things came together and I pulled together the dressing and had my salad that day. It was glorious and worth every poppy seed catastrophe of the previous day. AND it fulfilled my craving for Zupas salad (for now). As mentioned in the recipe, this salad would be good with feta and/or the addition of some grilled chicken. I love freshly minced/grated garlic for its savory and spicy kick. I cut down the sugar and used regular yellow onion. I think honey would make a really great floral-y substitute for the sugar too, if you feel so inclined.

I guess this was my good-bye to summer. It is officially October, so Fall foods will moving in full force.

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