Tuesday, October 9, 2007

how come you win...because I win!!!

All right, this is really big news, so be sure to take note...on the evening of Sunday, October 7 at approximately 7:14 pm, I, Sarah Calder, beat Drew Calder in a game of Clue!!! (You can probably tell that the week has been rather uneventful since I chose to post something of such great importance today). This has been a long awaited feat, but it has finally be accomplished! I think I may have finally mastered the art of Clue, however I have been told that my newfound skills will be tested when we play in a group of more than 3...we will see..but....I still win!!! (notice the 3 exclamations added for extra emphasis)

As for everything else going on..there isn't a whole lot. Drew started working, and I got my first paycheck. That was exciting. We are still going to school and working, and these things are both good. After all the rain we have been getting and close snow encounters, it has seemed to warm up for this week, so we are hoping we will still have this good weather for a long time to come...maybe skip the snow altogether or something...that's probably the best idea I have had yet.

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Sara said...

Did you learn how to cheat??? I'm so proud of you