Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Trying to gain residency in Utah is a pretty serious deal...or at least that is what is apparent from the information we have read and papers we have been filling out as we apply for residency...check out the most intense and serious parts of what has been laid down as residency qualification "law":

"WHAT DOES NOT QUALIFY A STUDENT FOR UTAH RESIDENCY? - 1.) Parents own property in Utah, 2.) Grandma or other relatives live in Utah (other than parents), 3.) Parents used to live in Utah, 4.) Student attended high school in Utah but family moved prior to graduation, 6.) Parents moved to Utah, but student is 24 years old (or older), 8.) Parents (or student) work in Utah but physically reside elsewhere, 7.) Student has pioneer ancestry, or 8.) Student knows state song."

Who knew?? SERIOUS business here. Just remember, kids, that the next time you apply for residency, you had better not think that pioneer ancestry or knowing the state song will get you in!

*Note: We have been told these are the requirements to go to heaven

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Tanya said...

haha That is so funny!

Sara said...

utah sucks! I never want to be a "resident".