Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Every month, our building has a combined FHE, and since thise month is Halloween, the group leaders decided we should go to a pumpkin patch. Little did I know that real pumpkin patches are pumpkin FIELDS where you actually get to CUT the pumpkins off their winding vines. It was really cool. We tried to find the ugliest pumpkin possible, but all the pumpkins were either perfect and round or rotten. So here is Abendigo (our pumpkin). He was probably the weirdest one we could find that night. He's slightly taller instead of rounder. We like him. We will probably carve him into something cool on Thursday or Friday...and bake pumpkin seeds mmm.

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The Zwahlens said...

We want to see the re-upholstered couch! I'm ready to be inspired to do ours.