Wednesday, June 25, 2008

St. George

Well, for anyone that doesn't know we are now located in the downtown historic district of St. George. We are working at the inn with my brother and sister-in-law, Brent and Vanessa. We have been here now for a little over a month and are pretty much settled in for now. The inn is really beautiful and it's fun to sort of be living in a house as opposed to a little apartment. It feels a little more homey now, I guess you might say. To my pleasant surprise, St. George is a lot bigger than I imagined it to be. I still wish it were bigger or located to a more busy city (more culture, restaurants, and other exciting stuff) but we really don't need all of that right now anyway, so it's just right. In addition to working at the inn, I work at a local restaurant that opened up in the last month or so. (I am actually grateful for the small size of St. George because it is this that has made it possible for me to walk to work every day so I can boycott gas. I am mad at it right now! Isn't everybody?) It has been an adventure as I have learned how waitressing works, and all the rules and tricks and stuff that come along with it. I don't hate it at all, and I have been so blessed to have met some really great people while I have been here thus far, but I have to admit that I am so glad that I won't have to do it the rest of my life. Thank goodness for school! While it's hard for me to believe that time has flown so quickly as we approach July, I can't help but be EXTREMELY excited for school to start so I can fill my brain with more than peoples' orders and weird life stories (trust me...I have met some really interesting people here :)...more to come on that at a later date). Drew is absolutely loving all the projects that he and my brother-in-law get to work on around the property. They have built walls, painted shelves, ran pipes and wires, and about a million other things since we have gotten here. And Drew loves it! It makes me really happy to see him come home so proud about the things he has done and I love to hear all the million improvement ideas that run through that man's head. I don't know how his brain works like that..I think my brain (or lack thereof) runs on auto-drive most of the time.
We have done other things besides working too! Last week we went to the Tuacahn theater to see Les Miserables (only my favorite play in the world). The last time I saw it was in London with my family, and I was floored. They did a really great job. If you haven't seen it, I strongly suggest that you take the time to see it when it comes to your city. Number one:the music (lyrics and melodies) are awesome (I realize "awesome" isn't exactly a very good description of my love for this play. I have never been very eloquent so I have having trouble coming up with descriptions even the things I love most). Number two: It teaches so many good and valuable principles. For example, the man in the play committed a crime and is then imprisoned for 19 years, leaving him heartless and very cold and bitter towards the world around him. By the great love and example of another, he changes his ways and is then forever committed to serving others and helping them to find joy (even in the French Revolution). The captain of the police basically hunted this man his whole life, and never believed that people could change or be forgiven. I love Jean Valjean's character- his love and willingness to forgive, despite the awful crimes committed against him. Without telling you the whole play, just know that it is wonderful and go see it. I want to read the book one of these days...the time will come soon. I am just finishing the Chronicles of Narnia series. It consists of seven books which have all been really different, but exciting. I'm really into the principles taught in those books as well, not to mention the fact that there are great battles and plots as well. My favorite character will probably always be Lucy, who is in the first three books of the series. She is honest, loving to the max, hard working, and has amazing amounts of integrity. I know she's just some character out of a book, but I think she represents much good and a lot of the characteristics I hope I have and want to work on. Other than reading, we have been focusing on Drew's business and getting the necessary legal papers and licensing taken care of. He is working so hard, and we know that it will all come together soon. We have come a long way and hope to have it finished up in the next two weeks. Samira, Steve, and the kids moved into town about two or three weeks ago, and it's been so fun. We have gotten to go swimming with the kids, watch Kung Fu Panda, and just hang out with Samira and Steve. It's really nice to have them around. In case you don't often travel through here, St. George is heavily populated with what seems like 90% of Utah's elderly generation so we don't get to hang out with kids much. However, I have to say that the older people are more youthful than I would have ever imagined. Seriously, they are SO funny and full of stories. Right now I am incredibly excited for grandma's 90th birthday celebration weekend next weekend. We really haven't had the family together like this for some time, and I am grateful for the opportunity to get to see the people I love and miss so much.
Well..that's what we've been up to...I am trying to be better about taking more pictures of where we live and the places we go to...that'll be my goal for the month. :)

PS Here is a cool view of the property..nice and green..just the way I like it.

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Mrs. Jacob Moore said...

Thank you. You just un-sucked yourself :) (I know that's not nice talk but I typed it anyway)! We're looking forwarding to melting soon ... see you then!

Linda said...

Sarah, you are amazing! I loved reaing about your latest adventures and life choices. Being happy - yea - that's what matters most and you sound so happy. See ya this week.

Love ya, Linda

kessie said...

Hi Sarah, It's Becca Bodily---I found your blog from Tanya's site, and I'm going to send you an invite to my blog (it's private) so you guys can see what's going on with us! So, when you get an invitation from Kessie, just accept it! Sounds like you guys are doing great!

kessie said...

psych---I can't send you an invitation without your e-mail which I thought I'd be able to find on your profile, but can't. Would you e-mail it to me at