Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ode to Grandma

Since we just had an early 90th birthday celebration for Grandma in St. George this last weekend, I wanted to talk about how AMAZING she is...

This is my grandma, my best friend, one of the best people I know. Let me tell you a little bit about her and why I think this. Number one, she has a great capacity to love and to show that love. She has traveled the world to support her children and grandchildren where ever they might be and whatever the occasion or event. Her family is always her number one priority, no matter what. She's sincere. Grandma cares about everything you do- from what you had for lunch that day to your safety and health. She always tells me how proud she is of everything I do and always tells me she loves me. She gives THE BEST hugs ever and gives them out often. She doesn't always have much to say, but what she says, she means. She is always encouraging people to be happy. When we were little, her motto was "smile awhile and give yourself a rest". I can remember her singing this to us even in our grumpiest moods. We could never help but smile after...it always got us! She loves to laugh...I think that's why she has made it to 90 years old. (Look how cute she is when she laughs.) When we were little, our favorite show was Fresh Prince of Bel Air and she would just sit there with us and laugh and laugh. Sometimes we would get distracted by something else in the other room and always come back to find her still sitting there watching it and laughing like crazy. She always taught us not to give up on the very best things in life because of something that someone has done or said. Example: The church is true, the people aren't. Grandma has always stuck to what she knows to be true and doesn't let others drive her away despite the dumb things they might do and say. She is honest, hardworking, practical, faithful, and everything in between. She loves to read and is a life time learner. She has encouraged everyone to learn all they can. Basically, I just love my grandma. I have been so blessed to have grown up with her in my home Grandma, I love you!

And she can shoot a gun and look good while doing it- how cool is that?

2 love notes:

Mrs. Jacob Moore said...

Those are great pictures of Grandma! It was fun to see you and Drew and your new life there. Hopefully it won't be too long until we can hang out again.

Linda said...

Thank you for such a beautiful tribute to my mother. I couldn't have said it better. She sang, "Smile a while and give your face a rest..." when we were children as well. "The Church is true, the people in it aren't," was also a favorite of mine. It has kept me faithful through all these years. I'm grateful my mom lived with you as well, Sarah. Your love and care for her is why she has lived this long.

Love ya,