Thursday, July 10, 2008


Tagged by Emily! Here it goes...

3 joys:
-Seeing Drew when he is excited about something..his eyes light up and it's priceless.
-I LOVE seeing other people happy and kids playing or old people holding hands
-Just being able to hang out with Drew...where ever, whenever

3 fears:
-Getting in a car accident- of any kind, especially makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about fact, I fear cars all around...
-Drew dying..I would miss him too much
-Not being able to make people happy...or to disappoint someone..that's the worst

3 goals:
-To take good photos
-To become a better baker and gather together more recipes
-Learn to decorate cakes

3 obsessions:
-cooking/baking and all things associated with it
-dresses and shoes
-pictures..really cool ones...I could look at pictures all day...

3 random facts:
-I hate tickling! I don't know why, but I can't stand to be tickled...
-I love doing laundry and grocery shopping...
-I think soup spoons are the best...I would choose a soup spoon any day over a dumb tablespoon. I also like eating yogurt and ice cream with baby spoons...there's no other way to eat it.

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