Wednesday, January 27, 2010

{these days}

These days. They have been pretty great. I can't say a whole lot is new with D and me, but life is pretty good for the following reasons:

1. Impending graduation...3 months!
2. Lots of rain!
3. A clean house
4. Lots of reading...the library is my favorite place in St. George
5. Projects finally finished
6. I even worked on our taxes today...proud? I am!

D found a house down the street that he is dying to buy. It needs a lot of love, so we constantly talk about all the things we would do if it were ours. But, for now, it will just be a thought, a topic of conversation. And that's okay. We enjoy it, and someday we will get to do all the things we talk about. Now, we'll just talk and focus on these days.

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