Wednesday, February 3, 2010


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I think I am a pretty open person. I love to try new food (so long as it doesn't smell like feet), and I even have taught myself to love some foods I thought I could never like.

For example, bananas. I can't remember ever liking bananas. Never. But because I have tried them in so many ways so many times, I like bananas- in my cereal, in chocolate, in a smoothie, or frozen (although I still don't like a just peeled banana). I have learned to love mushrooms, squash, avocado and I even conquered my extreme disgust with lentils after my friend gave me a winning recipe.

But, tofu. Tofu, tofu, ew-fu. How I hate thee. Let me count the ways: I hate thee fried, baked, pureed, in curry, in burritos. I hate your texture, your smell, and your ominous jiggle.

Today I gave you yet another try to win me over, but still I loathe you.
I just don't think we'll ever get along, you and I. No matter how much I want to love you, I just don't. There's no future for you and I. No more wasted time and money on you. Though I must say, you make a very cute robot :)

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Mrs. JM said...

ew-fu me too.