Thursday, February 18, 2010

{president's day weekend}

We have had two awesome weekends in a row. The first of which, the Bodily's came to St. George, but we were bad about taking the camera around. This last weekend, Mom, Dad, Grandma, Linda, Craig, Ann, and Gil came. Some pictures from the weekend...
Here's a shot of dad with his magically missing finger-ends.
Lots of outdoor card playing in...yes..70 degree weather! You can bet there were many victory dances by Gil that weekend.
Grandma. I like this one. She looks especially wise.
Mom and I worked on sewing a skirt. Cool fabric.
Mom painted Miri's nails with her Valentine's pink polish.
Another random picture with mom's excellently placed finger nail.
D, me, and Miri hanging out on the couch.

On another note, I am deciding whether I like my hair this dark with bangs. I can't decide. Any opinions to help me out?

4 love notes:

becca b said...

These are great pictures! Love the skirt!

Mrs. JM said...

i am partial to dark hair.

go figure.

you look beautiful mrs. calder.

~L~ said...

I love dark hair and I love blonde so I'm really not the right person to ask but you look great all the time.

sarah calder said...

Thanks! I guess I like blonde and brown hair...can you tell I have a hard time making up my mind?