Wednesday, March 3, 2010

{i've got a feeling}

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This last weekend I had the opportunity to organize a raffle. For the last few days I have been emailing and calling all the winners (there were quite a few as the community was incredibly generous to us). Today I came home nearly giddy telling D how fun it has been to tell people they won this or that. I feel like Santa Claus. Even though no one has any idea (or cares) who I am or what I'm doing, hearing people ecstatic over their "luck" and the excitement of their kiddos has me all aglow. Who would have thought? From cute young moms, to grandmas, to normally unfriendly people (one who actually smiled today), everyone has been so happy and nice. I wish I could do this everyday. Just give things away. Some day when we are rich (or richer than we are now), I want to just cover someone random person's dinner, buy out all the old lady's knitted blankets from the Farmer's Market, and send people random packages of goodness. It's not as if I actually did anything for the raffle winners, but I have this feeling in my gut- this totally awesome feeling that makes me want to do things I don't normally do or talk when and to people I normally wouldn't (since I often don't have much of anything to say). Kind of like Pay it Forward. And the secret or anonymity- it's half the fun. I want to run and sing at the top of my lungs (though I am sure I would be doing many a disservice), ring the bell on my Bing (my Christmas bike), and do something for anyone to make them happy.

And on top of all that, D and I went on a fun walk today, met the nicest dog name Betty, and ate here for lunch. I got the orchard salad with the most divine peach dressing. I need the recipe. Let me know you have it! If only it could have ended with a coconut favorite :)

4 love notes: said...

you are the cutest! I just miss you so much!

becca b said...

How fun! Jordan and I talk about paying for peoples' dinner all the time! Glad you met a dog named Betty--Porter can't say Mom or Dad, but he can say "dog"...he would have loved Betty.

Mrs. JM said...

sweet! did you hear about the random package i got in the mail from a perfect stranger with all sorts of running gear. it was the nicest gesture, it made me so happy!

i'd love to hear what the raffle was for and what kind of fun stuff you gave away.

sarah calder said...

Random packages are the best and oh so nice of her!

The raffle we did was for the health fair at the hospital. Local businesses that support physical activity (swimming, ice skating, etc.) donated free admissions for our raffle! Our theme was "Growing Healthy Kids"- focused on nutrition and physical activity. I couldn't believe how generous they were to us. It was a lot of fun.