Tuesday, April 20, 2010

{lazy man's dinner}

Tonight, I did not feel like cooking much and I really didn't want anything heavy. This is all I craved and therefore what we ended up eating. It was delicious!

P.S. My ring always manages to swing around like that...probably because the air was a bit chilly!
It all started with some warmed up corn tortillas...
topped with some hummus...
and a fresh veggie platter


2 love notes:

becca b said...

how fun! your not wanting to cook night sounds like a blast! i didn't want to cook last night so i made shepherd's pie with canned veggies, left over meat, and some instant potatoes. next time i'll just come over to your house!

sarah calder said...

please do!

i love me some veggie shepherd's or pot pie....especially since it's chilly today...maybe I will come eat at your house tonight ;)