Wednesday, September 8, 2010

{pita face}

Back when D and I used to live in Provo, we would nearly weekly visit our favorite place- The Pita Pit. It was our compromise between Subway and...well, just not Subway. Plus, it was ridiculously close to our apartment. I would get the whole wheat pita stuffed with grilled mushrooms, hummus, and every other vegetable they could fit and D would get the turkey with his preferred veggies. While lying in bed the other night, I thought to myself, "why haven't we Pita Pit-ed it up at home?" So the next day we did. And we have been doing so almost every day ever since. We are definitely creatures of habit. As long as it's a good habit, it's okay, right? So today for dinner, what did we have? A pita wrap...except not... because I used Flat Outs. Sooo delicious. Mine included spicy hummus, arugula, sauteed mushrooms, roasted bell peppers, pickles, and topped off with a little avocado. Maybe the best part about making these at home- I get avocado, tastier hummus, and they're cheaper!

This hummus is probably the best I've ever had. Baba Foods comes once every 3-5 months to our Costco with hands down the best hummus ever. Since you have to buy three (which is never a problem to eat through in our house), I get the Spicy Pepper, Cilantro Jalapeno (they didn't have it this time), and Roasted Garlic. Heaven.

3 love notes:

Mrs. JM said...

your pita's do look like heaven. i'm glad you're blogging again.

sarah calder said...

Thanks. Me too :) Trying to get into the habit of documenting some part of my life. Maybe it will be of interest to someone someday. Not to mention, trying to blog for the baby keeps me reminded and motivated.

becca b said...

These look great! We'll have to make just sounds so good right now!