Monday, September 6, 2010

{calzones round 2}

The last time I tried making calzones turned out to be an utter failure. I don't remember the filling, but I do remember making 100% whole wheat dough. Now, I am not knocking the whole wheat. I love it as normal pizza, but for whatever reason, it really killed those calzones for me . Tonight, however, I went with a basic pizza dough that I only rolled in whole wheat flour (it was the closest at the time I was rolling it out). D said we should gradually replace the 10% of the regular flour, with whole wheat at a time to find out how much whole wheat we can handle. Pretty awesome idea, I think. I stuffed it with broccoli pesto, shredded chicken, and mozzarella and dipped in marinara. It was so good. So good. You should note that these turned out much larger than expected, so for a D and me sized family, that meant splitting one. A nice green salad really balances it out.
I went especially easy on the chicken and mozzarella, and I think I will use regular chopped up broccoli the next time. The chicken was fine but I really haven't been into it, as of late. I would just as soon have left it out. I think I would love to make a mushroom, spinach and mozz version. That's just more my thing, I think. Though, I bet these would be fantastic dipped in a nice alfredo sauce, if that is your thing (white sauces have always freaked me out...too cheesy and gooey). These were seriously good. A great way to use up anything in the fridge. I hate wasting food, so we knocked out 3 birds in one stone that had been taking up space in our minuscule ice box that calls itself a fridge.
Yum :)

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Miss Bowler said...

Calzone is my FAVORITE!! Your pictures have me craving it now... :)