Thursday, September 30, 2010

{more dreams and a bench)

You know those dreams you have as a kid- the one where you go to school naked or in your underwear? I haven't had one of those for a long time. Until last night. I dreamt I went everywhere in my underwear and only one person said anything. You can only imagine the embarrassment with which I woke this morning...
On another note, D has been working hard on a bench for the end of our bed. He has been talking about doing so for the longest time (D loves to work with wood). So a few weekends ago, we bought the supplies and he got to work. Most of the time, D doesn't have any opinion and could care less on most things for our home, but D had a really specific image in his head of what he wanted for this bench. So I figured he could go to town and pretty much do what he wanted. It had to open and be deep enough to store winter blankets in the spring and summer. It looks and feels really nice and he is oh so proud. Now we are just trying to find the perfect fabric that won't cost an arm and a leg. In the mean time, we have just draped a quilt over the top.
Good job, D!

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Mrs. JM said...

very cool. i always felt like my dreams were a lot more vivid during pregnancy. you've been talking a lot about dreams lately. have you always been able to remember your dreams so well?

s.calder said...

hehe I think I've always been pretty good at remembering my dreams, but they have been especially weird lately. I think it depends largely on whether I tell D about it soon thereafter. I had some really scary ones for about 5 days straight not long ago! So weird. But at least they are just funny/weird right now.