Tuesday, September 28, 2010


beautiful towels via {studiopatro}
I feel like this was funny enough that I wanted to make note of it. I talk in my sleep a lot, and D usually gets a big kick out of it. If I don't wake up mid sleep talk, then I always hear about it the next morning. I hate to think I have forgotten so many strange ones. So for future posterity, here it is:

I had a dream last night that D and I were cooking something, somewhere (I think it involved a lot of flour). It was fairly messy so we tried to clean up as we went. So I look at D and say, "D, you don't need to use a new towel every time you clean up. I really don't want to have to do the laundry again, and you've nearly used all my towels" (I hate doing laundry, by the way. I put it off as long as possible). So D looks at me with a mischievous smile, grabs another clean towel and proceeds to wipe off the counter. "No, please don't, D. That's so mean." The next thing I know I am half awake, repeating myself over and over until I realize I am awake and D is laughing hysterically.

So weird. Who knew one could worry so much about dishtowels. I must be crazy.

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Lisa Pratt said...

hahahahahahhahahah I LOVE IT! But this is the story of my life! I think I stress out about that with Logan on a daily basis but in real life! hahaha and I talk in my sleep :] Oh how I miss you